Making Document Automation Work for Our Clients

With over 250 Document Automation solutions on the market, choosing a Document Automation Platform is complicated. At DocGovern, we get it. And we’ll help you get it. We’ll help you choose, implement, enhance and migrate platforms to improve compliance and streamline complex workflows.

Electronic Document Management

Why DocGovern?

Our client-focused, interdisciplinary approach, which touches all steps of the document production and retention process, including Information Governance, helps organisations in compliance-intensive industries make the right choice, fully based on their needs.


Client First. Every Time.

It’s one of our Core Values and something we feel passionately about: We will always give you the right advice. For everything we do, for everything we consider, we ask ourselves, “How will this help our Clients?”


Vendor Neutral

We are not aligned to any one vendor and provide neutral consultancy that focuses on our Client. We ensure the most appropriate solutions are assessed and measured against your specific business needs.


Vertical Expertise

We understand what is important to your organisation and keep ourselves appraised of changes to your discipline. Our Team has significant experience working across Legal, Finance, Public Sector and Healthcare.


We Get Data

We work with NetGovern, and think bigger than just generating documents. We look to ensure your organisation is minimising risk and maximising the value of the content you produce.

Our Services

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Solution Selection

We undertake a holistic appraisal of your immediate and future end-to-end business needs, to select the right Document Automation solution for you.

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Platform migrations

We look at your business needs, the use of your current Document Automation solution, and what functionality you’ll need and could benefit from, now and in the future.

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Platform enhancements

We deliver the insight and services to provide either advanced configurations, direct integrations between applications, or introduce new products to enrich existing deployments.

Legacy Technical Support

Legacy Technical Support

For companies using legacy systems with lapsed or soon to lapse support and maintenance contracts, we have the resources and expertise to provide your users and organisation with high-quality support services.

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Design & Deployment

Following the selection of the optimum solution for you, we will determine and build the best configuration for your business, ensuring you have the best possible foundation for use and ROI.

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Template Development

Our team can quickly and accurately undertake and deliver your template needs, be that volume based, or more specific, complex requirements.

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We deliver document template development training that’s cost efficient, impactful and delivered with minimum disruption to your business.

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Platform Adoption

Focused on providing you with the best possible chance of maximum user engagement and as a result, cost reduction and increased productivity.

Our Technology Partners

We continually assess the ever-growing Document Automation solution market to choose the best solutions for our Clients – from established names, to up and coming technology challengers.


Latest News

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Am I Stuck with Document Automation Vendor X?

Document automation (DA) has been around for 30 years or more now, so if you have been using a DA solution for even less than half that time, you may be on a legacy solution that struggles to meet your needs. Have you made a huge investment in time and money to learn the skills to create templates with this solution, but you now need more functionality? Learn more about what your options are.

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When is the Time to Leave your Document Automation Vendor?

When is the Time to Leave your Document Automation Vendor?

It’s not me…it’s you…Sometimes the relationship is great, but the product or service no longer meets your needs. There are many reasons why a company wants to leave a vendor and often the fear of change and ‘sticking with what you know’, are reasons enough to stay. This blog post explores the top five reasons why companies leave a Document Automation vendor.

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Electronic Signatures, COVID-19, and Mike Tyson

Electronic Signatures, COVID-19, and Mike Tyson

Compliance Regulations such as ISO, GDPR and SOC 2, have been with us for what seems like an eternity, changing a little and impacting a lot. One area the current climate has seen an increase in, is the use of Electronic Signatures. Now that everyone is trying to conduct business in the cloud, this blog post looks at what this means for companies and how they need to adapt.

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