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Document Automation Supporting Successful Digital Transformation

Document Automation can be of significant benefit to almost any organisation that utilises data and documents, both for internal staff use and external Client engagement.

We leverage our experience, knowledge, extensive contacts and skills to support your business, helping you to achieve greater resource management, increased revenue and improved productivity.

“We really appreciated the thoroughness and professionalism of the team at DocGovern. The team addressed our business needs and delivered a comprehensive Statement of Work. This made us confident of their ability to deliver and support our business.”

A leading Legal Services Provider, Headquarters in Germany

“The team at DocGovern is exceptional. They helped our firm to develop just what we needed to make processing our cases smooth and easy. We were also delighted with the level of service received from DocGovern. Their experienced template development team delivered exactly what we needed and their responsiveness to our requirements was excellent.”

KC Caraballo – Attorney
GWP Immigration Law

“We are very happy with the service we received from DocGovern. Their template development subscription service provides exactly what we need, with no unexpected costs. I was impressed with their attention to detail and their ability to develop a custom solution for our firm. I expect to work with them on future projects.”

Abel L. Pierre – Attorney
The Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, P.C.

“We were very happy with the level of service and standard of work provided by DocGovern. Their template development work delivered what we needed to improve our firm’s document automation processes, and we are confident that the resulting templates will result in much more efficient litigation in the future. The Team’s knowledge and experience made choosing them to deliver this service for us very easy.”

Matthew L. Brinton – Attorney
The Brinton Firm, P.C.

Latest News

Document Automation & The Legal Sector Q&A

Document Automation & The Legal Sector Q&A

As part of our webinar series for the legal sector, DocGovern recently presented, ‘Document Automation 1-0-1 & Why the Legal Sector Should be Interested’. As a follow-up, we’ve put together a Q&A with the host, DocGovern’s CTO George Steven, answering some of the common and not so common questions around Document Automation and the significant benefits it can bring to the legal sector. Is it not time you got on board before your competitors do?

2021 Versus 2020 – Will it Change for the Legal Sector..?

2021 Versus 2020 – Will it Change for the Legal Sector..?

Now that 2021 is well underway, law firms and legal organisations may find they still have the same challenges as they did in 2020! Challenges could range from, should you be investing in new technologies, and can you ensure ROI from that investment? to, how can you ensure you are delivering a high-value service for your clients and maintaining competitive advantage? This blog post discusses how Document Automation can help you with all these challenges and a lot more.

WEBINAR: Document Automation 1-0-1 & Why The Legal Sector Should Be Interested

WEBINAR: Document Automation 1-0-1 & Why The Legal Sector Should Be Interested

DocGovern will be hosting a live 18-minute webinar for anyone within the legal sector, on Wed 10th February 2021 at 3PM GMT (10AM EST, 07AM PST) – Document Automation 1-0-1 & Why The Legal Sector Should Be Interested. If you’ve ever wanted to know what Document Automation actually is, what it means for you and your Clients, and how it can significantly benefit you on a day-to-day basis, register your place!

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