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Competitive advantage in business entails embracing efficiency. The faster you can process the quotes, NDAs, contracts, and other documentation that make up your sales workflow process, the quicker you can realize revenue.

Document automation can be a key part of this process, connecting the data in your CRM with fields in document templates. The result? Professional, accurate, branded documents that you can send to your prospects for electronic signature.

Whether you’re in Real Estate, Construction, Logistics – or any other industry that utilises data and documentation, a good Document Automation solution can bring significant efficiencies and help protect your organisation from regulatory and compliance responsibilities.

The benefits of using document automation in your organisation do not stop there. Your Human Resources department has many onboarding documents for new employees that can be automated to gather employee data and populate the requisite fields. The assembled documents can then be sent to new employees for signature. This facilitates the onboarding process and instils confidence in the new employee that they are now part of a company that knows what they are doing.

You have heard of creating document automation templates out of Word documents. What about Excel or PowerPoint? With the right document automation solution, these possibilities are available to you too.

If you want to know how document automation can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and compliance of your business, DocGovern can help you select the document automation solution that best fits your requirements. After researching, comparing, and contrasting the 250 or more document automation solutions on the market today, DocGovern has settled upon a select few, one of which will surely meet your needs, leverage your data, and fit your budget.

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