E-BOOK: An Introduction to Electronic Signatures

E-BOOK: An Introduction to Electronic Signatures

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In this current climate, now that everyone is trying to conduct business in the cloud and with physical signatures being (almost near) impossible to enforce, the use of the electronic signature (e-signature), has come into its own.

With travel restrictions unlikely to be lifted any time soon, businesses and individuals need to adapt and find alternative means of signing documents and contracts, with companies also needing to ensure their employees are able to access e-signed documents remotely.

Although large companies have embraced the use of e-signature technology, SMBs are not far behind, and more and more have joined the ‘e-signature revolution’ to help streamline workflows, increase productivity and reduce costs.

According to Finances Online

“The e-signature software market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and the difference between using an e-signed document versus a traditional signed document is 37 minutes versus 5 days.


Compared to the traditional pen-and-paper approach, e-signatures are easier to use and offer considerable cost and resource savings, as well as an 80% reduction in turnaround time.”

To give you a bit more information, DocGovern and PandaDoc have put together this e-book, ‘An Introduction to Electronic Signatures’.

It outlines all you need to know from what e-signatures are used for and how you create one, to how legal they are. It also outlines the regulations in the US and the EU around them.

Although there’s a plethora of information out there about the subject, hopefully you find our e-book condenses what you need!