Contract Management and Negotiation

Technology Improving Contract Negotiation

DocGovern partner with a leading vendor who’s innovative solution is able to offer a host of valuable tools and functionality.

In a short period of time, they have provided effective contract negotiation to some of the world’s largest companies including Clyde & Co, WarnerMedia and Carlsberg.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Contract Negotiation – allowing sender and recipient to negotiate, edit and conclude live within the documents.
  • Data Insight Capabilities – just as each contract is valuable to your business, the aggregate information across all your contracts is even more valuable.  Provides easy to use but comprehensive insights towards trends, patterns, and commonality.
  • Powerful, Easy to Use Interface and Tools – no-code automation that enables you to be as effective as possible in your role, without having to learn complex languages or syntax.
  • E-Signature, Clause Libraries and Approval Workflow  enabling an efficient contract approval process.


  • Negotiate and collaborate in real time, both between internal and external teams.
  • Data insights identify the most productive elements of your contracts.
  • Proactively drive operational efficiencies, improving company performance and reducing costs.

How DocGovern Can Help You Improve Contract Management

  • We start with our ‘Baseline Analysis’ of your immediate and future business needs.
  • We assess and compare the technical, commercial, and cultural fit between you and your chosen solution.
  • We work closely with your chosen solution vendor to ensure any unique aspects of your business are addressed.
  • When, and only when, we can provide you with a water-tight use case for adoption, do we progress.
  • We present you with a comprehensive plan that includes:
    • Optimum commercial terms
    • Migration, if necessary
    • Solution design
    • Training & Enablement

Our work with you doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves in our relationships with our Clients and Solution Partners. Once you’re up and running, we’ll continue to work with you to ensure your objectives have been met, and you continue to maximise the benefits towards your business.

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