Do Unicorns Exist? – YES!

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So, you have just read the title and now think, no need to read anymore! Let me give you a few reasons to spend 3 minutes of your time reading this. Gone are the days that we buy tools, we now all want ‘solutions’. How we use these solutions may not be how they were intended, and you may stretch their capabilities to the extreme.

On the other hand, you may have found the unicorn and the solution is a perfect fit for your use case! Indeed, I hope you have found the unicorn, but given you are reading this, there is a high probability that you haven’t……yet.

Document Automation covers many use cases, areas of functionality, and supports many different sectors. This is a good thing – it keeps competition high and helps you get the best possible fit for your business needs.

There are three things I want you to consider, and that’s how you use your solution. Do you consider a Document Automation Solution:

  1. To support the generation of internal documents,
  2. To generate documents you send to your Clients,
  3. To be used by your Client to generate “answer intakes” or documents.

If you are doing all three of these, I would like to commend you.

We have found a vast array of product and use cases, but few Clients use their solutions to their full capabilities. That’s not because of any one specific issue, but more often than not, it’s a calculation of time and ROI.

Consider how you interact with your Clients and how you want to balance using technology and spending time with them. Statistics show a Client is more likely to pay the bill without dispute if you spend more time with them. The same statistics will also show your Clients want you to innovate and save money, which can be a bit of a challenge when the most expensive part of the business is people.

What if I told you your Document Automation solution could act as a-

  • Client intake solution
  • replace that survey tool
  • allow your Clients to self-generate documents
  • generate glossy brochures for real estate,
  • as well as the standard approach of filing court documents, generating NDA’s and sales agreements

Now, what if I told you that to achieve this, you could reuse your existing investment in Document Automation and have a single supplier.

Unicorns do exist and I am not just talking about Scotland’s national animal, or the Narwhale. There are solutions that offer content agnostic approaches, and there are those that don’t – there is no right and no wrong, it’s all about your use case.

It’s good not all solutions are created equal, you might not want all of these options and feel that you don’t want to pay for the vendors agnostic approach to R&D budget. So buying a bespoke solution, to do one thing perfectly to match your use case, might be for you. The alternative is finding the Unicorn.

There are a significant number of Document Automation solutions in the market (over 250 at the last count), and you can be sure at least one of them will provide you with the specific functionality you need. The key to selecting the right one is ensuring you fully understand what your organisation needs today and tomorrow, and that the chosen solution is built in a way to not only support this, but offer additional ways in which you can increase your operational effectiveness.

Like to know more? Get in touch, we’d be happy to help.


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