Document Automation for Alternative Legal Services Providers (ALSPs)

Providing strategic, high-end work for your Clients within areas such as contract lifecycle management, e-discovery, legal research, regulatory risk and compliance, and litigation, helps them use their existing resources more efficiently.

From a strategic and commercial point of view, Document Automation is essential to help you deliver this.

What This Means For You

  • Technology-enabled services allow you to provide higher value and undertake more complex tasks for your Clients.
  • Further leverage your chargeable services with a focus on high-volume, document-intensive work.
  • Your team can minimise their time spent on these tasks, whilst maximising revenue.

What This Means For Your Clients

  • Your Clients receive a high-quality service that’s flexible and cost effective, without compromising on quality.
  • Your Clients can do more with less, and quicker.
  • Enables them to differentiate, scale and expand their business, improve productivity and retain client relationships.

Why This Gives You A Competitive Edge

  • Selecting the best technology for your clients and deploying it, offers sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Your Clients receive the benefits of its use, without actually using it themselves!

How DocGovern Can Help You Deliver This

  • We can support your business in a number of ways, providing services such as Document Template Creation, Solution Selection & Integration, Platform Adoption and Platform Migration.

Why DocGovern

  • We act as Trusted Advisors to a number of prominent LSPs.
  • From helping you select a Document Automation platform to develop and publish templates quickly and easily, to contract negotiation with vendors to secure the best deal possible, we can support you.
  • It’s an exciting time for Legal Service Providers and DocGovern can help you play a part.

“We really appreciated the thoroughness and professionalism of the team at DocGovern. The team addressed our business needs and delivered a comprehensive Statement of Work. This made us confident of their ability to deliver and support our business.”

A leading German Legal Services Provider