Document Automation & Its Impact on Remote Working

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With over 250 solutions currently on the market, there is a plethora of choice for businesses looking to implement a Document Automation platform. At this time when many employees are working remotely, can a Document Automation solution help or hinder?

This White Paper presents the results of research carried out by DocGovern, covering areas such as limitations of Document Automation platforms, the value of Document Automation, Document Automation & Remote Working, and how Document Automation aligns with Business Transformation priorities. Learn more about:

  • How Document Automation currently helps organisations
  • How Document Automation could help businesses operate more effectively during the current COVID-19 climate
  • What are the main stumbling block(s) towards companies adopting Document Automation as a solution
  • How Document Automation solution can facilitate operational effectiveness, including the immediate need to tactically adapt
  • The longer-term strategic objectives of organisations and how/if Document Automation plays a part in this

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We wanted to find out not only organisation’s opinions on their use of Document Automation across their business, but also how, if at all, their company is using a Document Automation solution to support remote working.”

Gary Lessels

Managing Director, DocGovern

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