Document Automation Videos

Take a look at the video below which illustrates how Document Automation can help organisations reduce risk, improve productivity and enable their staff-
Check out this video which looks at how data should be used within your Document Automation solution, maximising its value and minimising risk-

This video looks at how electronic signatures can be used and integrated with your CRM solution to support your business-

Purchasing or Changing Solutions

As part of our ‘Purchasing or Changing Solutions’ series, the following videos highlight issues you may want to be aware of if you have a legacy Document Automation Solution. The first illustrates why it may be worth considering moving from your old Document Automation solution and adopting a new, modern platform-

This second video highlights why and if you should consider moving to a different vendor-

This third video looks at the main differences between purchasing software via a subscription or perpetual model, and what you need to consider if and when you want to move from one to the other-

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