Financial Services Document Automation

Imagine offering your wealth management clients an online interview they can fill out to provide you with their financial data, all secured with the most robust encryption? You could then use that data to produce the necessary documents for their personalised wealth plan. This is the power of Document Automation.

Or imagine you are a bank that generates hundreds of transaction documents daily? Having a Document Automation solution that meets your requirements of data connectivity, template version control, e-signature, and output format (PDF vs. DOCX) as part of your workflow process is key to making that a seamless experience.

In the banking and finance sector, security is paramount too. Document Automation solutions can be set up that are hosted on an on-premise server behind your firewall. This allows those who have permission within the financial institution’s network to draw upon data, assemble documents, and manage their storage.

Data governance is the other side of the DocGovern coin. The gigabytes and petabytes of XML data that is a by-product from generating documents should be indexed and securely stored with an information governance solution that works. That’s why DocGovern works with NetGovern.

If you want to know how Document Automation can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and compliance of your financial and banking services, DocGovern can help you select the Document Automation solution that best fits your requirements. After researching, comparing, and contrasting the 250 or more Document Automation solutions on the market today, DocGovern has settled upon a select few, one of which will surely meet your needs, leverage your data, and fit your budget.

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