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Whether you are a law firm, legal organisation, or an Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP), providing a high-quality service for your Clients and generating revenue is crucial.

Document Automation is widely regarded as being one of the most effective tools to support this, however, it has been slow and expensive to adopt.

These short 18 minute webinars will give you food for thought around how you focus on and improve the above!

For anyone in the Legal sector, this is for you –

Document Automation 1-0-1 & Why The Legal Sector Should be Interested

Taking you rght back to basics, learn what Document Automation actually is, and what it means for you and your Clients.

Find out why Document Automation is one of the most impactful and accessible Digital Transformation capabilities available, and how it can benefit you on a day-to-day basis.

Hear why a good product does not always equal a good solution, and discover what you should look for in a Document Automation solution, and what a bad one looks like!

If you’re an ALSP, this is the one for you –

ALSPs: Provide Higher Client Value & Maximize Revenue Using Document Automation

You will not only learn how powerful user-friendly technology allows you to provide higher value and undertake more complex tasks for your Clients, but also how you can further leverage your chargeable services with a focus on high-volume, document-intensive work.

2021 will be an exciting time for ALSPs and easy-to-brand technology-enabled services will ensure your Clients receive a high-quality service that’s flexible and cost effective, without compromising on quality.

If you’re a Law Firm, this is for you –

Law Firms: Grow Your Practice & Generate Revenue with Easy to Use, Affordable Document Automation

We will show you a fast, affordable, and simple Document Automation solution for your Firm.

You will learn how XpressDox Publisher allows you to provide higher value and undertake more complex tasks for your Clients quickly and easily.

You will find how you can consider attractive commercial terms for your Clients, but still maintain a high value service, without compromising on quality.

Focus on your Clients and your successful growth, and give your Firm a competitive edge with easy to use, affordable, Document Automation.

Real Estate/Law Firms: Removing the Need for Expensive Publishing Tools

This webinar focuses on how sectors such as Real Estate or Law could save time and money creating high quality content for brochures or valuation reports, without the need for expensive publishing tools. 

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