Legal Document Automation

For nearly 30 years, document automation has been a key implement in the technology toolkit of many law firms. Those that use it well enjoy increased efficiency, a significant reduction in human error, and the assurance that their assembled documents are accurate and compliant with legal codes and regulations.

These same firms also use document automation as the driving gear in their overall workflow process. They leverage the data in their Practice Management Systems, drawing from that data to assemble their documents, often without the need for a user interview. Taken in the aggregate, hundreds of legal documents are produced daily, from estate plans to real estate transaction paperwork. Holding a competitive advantage, these firms work efficiently, meeting the needs of multiple clients in less time. Any loss in billable hours doing traditional paperwork is made up by more clients coming to them for fixed-fee engagements that often take minutes to complete.

In an environment where you need to leverage technology to work anywhere, these law firms rise to the fore. With secure Cloud workflow solutions, their attorneys and paralegals can draft and assemble documents from anywhere, whether from the office, the courtroom, or home.

Sound like a dream? It is not. It can be true for you too. If you want to know how document automation can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and compliance of your law practice, DocGovern can help you select the document automation solution that best fits your requirements. After researching, comparing, and contrasting the 250 or more document automation solutions on the market today, DocGovern has settled upon a select few, one of which will surely meet your needs, leverage your data, and fit your budget.

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