Struggling to navigate the Document Automation arena?

Do any of the following apply to your organisation?

  • Could the contents of your documents cause impact to your organisation if they contained errors?
  • Does your team/organisation require to collaborate regularly on documents?
  • Do any of the documents you create have a significant potential value? E.g. Sales quotes, proposals, contracts.
  • Do you work in an industry or vertical that has a high level of compliance? E.g. GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, FOIA, BSI etc.
  • Do you have a high volume of repeatable documents?
  • Do you have a dispersed workforce that need to access the same content?
  • Do you spend a significant amount of time drafting and creating any form of document – Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails?

If the answer is 'Yes', the good news is...

Document Automation can help you address each of them by reducing risk, improving productivity, and leveraging the valuable data held within your organisation.

Pick the right Document Automation platform and you can do all this with one of the fastest returns on investments for a technology solution.

With over 250 solutions on the market, the challenge comes from understanding just what the right solution is, and how to best leverage it for your specific needs.

So why DocGovern?

  • We have relationships with the key Document Automation solution vendors meaning we can understand what’s possible and select what’s right for you.
  • Part of this relationship focuses on licensing and pricing. The pricing we provide you with is the best possible option for you. We are even able to build bespoke pricing and licensing structures unavailable elsewhere.
  • It’s all about you! – One size does not fit all. We focus on understanding your business and specific use case.
  • Unlike other consulting or software companies we are platform agnostic. We select the right solution for you and no other reason. We do this by fully assessing each platform.

“We really appreciated the thoroughness and professionalism of the team at DocGovern. The team addressed our business needs and delivered a comprehensive Statement of Work. This made us confident of their ability to deliver and support our business.”

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We make Document Automation work for our Clients

Whether you’re looking to adopt Document automation for the very first time, or trying to get the best from your existing solution, DocGovern has a range of services that can help your organisation thrive.

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