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Our CAM process constantly evaluates the Document Automation market to identify strengths, weaknesses, up and coming companies, niche solutions, and the latest from the established brands.

Based on our extensive research and experience, we shortlist a small number of vendors who we feel can provide our Clients with the best possible Document Automation solution. These solutions enable organisations to achieve genuine progress with their digital transformation strategy both technically and commercially.

We review our strategic partnerships regularly, ensuring our Clients get the very best.


No code automation for contract negotiation. The Avvoka platform allows users to negotiate and collaborate in real time, both between internal and external teams. Its innovative approach to data insights allows users to identify the most productive elements of their contracts, proactively driving operational efficiencies.

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Thomson Reuters HighQ

Contract Express – now HighQ, is one of the most comprehensive and widely adopted legal document and contract automation suites. Utilised by law firms and in-house legal teams around the world, and from one of the world’s largest companies, Thomson Reuters, the platform provides unrivalled collaboration, security and file sharing.

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Flexible, scalable and able to accommodate organisations at any size or discipline looking to leverage the power of Document Automation as part of their productivity strategy. The power of the XpressDox engine is matched only by its flexible, highly attractive approach to technical and commercial needs. On-premise, SaaS, traditional licensing or subscription, are all made available to users.

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As part of our CAM process and ongoing appraisal of the Document Automation solutions marketplace, we will be conducting our annual assessment of all Document Automation vendors in early 2021 and will be looking to add another vendor to our partner portfolio.

If this is something you would be interested in, please get in touch with us.

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