Public Sector Document Automation

Government agencies process thousands of documents weekly. Whether you are an attorney with a federal agency or a clerk at the local Motor Vehicles department, you create and process documents.

DocGovern’s combined experience has provided document automation solutions to some of the biggest organisations in the public sector. Many of these solutions have involved developing PDF-based templates as well as Word documents. A set of user-input forms can share the answers provided in one document’s interview with other document interviews, thus reducing the re-typing of information.

Document automation is even being used to create online applications that allow the average citizen to complete a simple interview and produce the documents he or she needs to file with a local court. Document automation is enabling those who are less fortunate and have limited access to justice bridge that gap and find resolutions to their life’s problems.

If you want to know how document automation can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and compliance of your public sector services, DocGovern can help you select the document automation solution that best fits your requirements. After researching, comparing, and contrasting the 250 or more document automation solutions on the market today, DocGovern has settled upon a select few, one of which will surely meet your needs, leverage your data, and fit your budget.

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