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Client retention and growth are key priorities for a legal organisation.

With hundreds of legal documents produced daily, effective Document Automation can increase efficiency, significantly reduce human error, and ensure documents are accurate and compliant with legal codes and regulations such as GDPR or SOX.

Senior Partners can author complex documents one time, allowing more junior members of staff to utilise them cost effectively but safe in the knowledge that the quality remains consistent and high. Document Automation helps law firms optimise workflows, improve efficiency and revenue, enabling them to do more with less.

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Financial Services

Improving internal efficiency and reducing operational costs is crucial within the finance services sector.

Document Automation can efficiently create and deliver highly personalised financial documents, while ensuring accuracy, compliance, and security.

Helping meet your requirements of data connectivity, template version control, e-signature, and output format (PDF vs. DOCX) as part of your workflow process, Document  Automation reduces the risk of human error and ensures you have efficient, user-friendly procedures in place.

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With the digitisation of medical records and the increased use of technology by medical professionals over the past decade, meeting HIPPA regulations and keeping Protected Health Information (PHI) secure and private is crucial.

Using Document Automation, teams can collaborate more efficiently and securely on documents, improving the workflow process and reducing the risk of errors.

Document Automation can reduce the time spent on manual document creation and processing, helping to decrease costs and improve productivity. Healthcare staff can focus on patients, not paperwork.

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Public Sector

In any government authority, the efficiency of people, processes and technology is the primary challenge and concern.

Document Automation helps to streamline document-centric processes and improve communications with the public by automating the creation, management, and delivery of personalised, omni-channel and relevant documents.

Compliance with regulations and privacy requirements such as GDPR and FOIA is crucial and effective Document Automation ensures your communications and documents are meeting government regulations at all times.

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Business Operations

For any industry that utilises data and documentation, Document Automation can bring significant efficiencies and help your organisation comply with regulations such as GDPR, SOX, FOIA or BSI.

Delivering substantial time and cost savings, the faster you can create and process documents within your business, the quicker you can realise revenue.

Effective Document Automation can play a key part in this process, helping your business increase productivity and reducing the risk of human error and non-compliance.

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In a Small to Medium size Business (SMB), maximising the resources available to you, whilst minimising spend is crucial.

Even if you’re a sole trader, or your business only has a small number of employees, using Document Automation, you could benefit from significant time and cost savings on document creation and processing such as NDA’s, contracts of employment and invoices.

Your business will be able to create scalable workflow processes, accommodating your needs as your business grows.

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