Four Ways Document Automation Supports Digital Transformation

Four Ways Document Automation Supports Digital Transformation

Document Automation Supporting Digital Transformation

As more and more businesses, regardless of size, leverage digital technology and embrace the benefits of Digital Transformation, what many do not realise is, implementing Document Automation can support your business on its Digital Transformation journey.

Let’s start with a couple of questions to explain how…

Do you work with documents every day?

Is accuracy and data important to your work?

Do you utilise data from your other business systems when you’re creating and working with these documents?

In 2018 there was an estimated 500 billion MS Word documents created, and each day 73 million PDF’s are saved to Google Drive and Gmail, that’s a hell of a lot of documents and data!

Automating this manual document creation is called ‘Document Automation’ and its one of the most powerful ways you can undertake a successful Digital Transformation.

1. Do More with Less

Document Automation can, if used wisely, genuinely help businesses and organisations of all sizes make significant improvements with productivity – easily more than an 80% time saving.

By automating everyday inefficient tasks and processes like manual document creation, chasing internal approvals and document signatures, you will optimise any workflows and your business processes will all be streamlined, saving you money.

2. Minimises Risk

Using Document Automation, the risk of human error is reduced, as efficient, user-friendly document creation processes are in place. Your regulatory requirements such as, GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, are met easily, through the use and enforcement of quality standards across all documentation.

The quality of any of your complex documents remains consistent and high, as automated workflows are in place to maintain this.

3. Maximises Value of Data

Most companies already have data elsewhere – in an Excel spreadsheet, a SQL database, a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, and so on.

Document Automation helps you utilise the data you already have and processes that data into documents, data drives Document Automation.

Optimising your data processing workflow can help you drive efficiency and reduce your time spent on manual document creation.

4. Enhances Business Growth

Delivering substantial time and cost savings, the faster you can create and process documents such as quotes, NDAs, contracts, and other key documentation within your business, the quicker you can realise revenue – effective Document Automation can play a key part in this process.

Internally, you will foster collaboration across your business, as more efficient and productive processes and workflows are enabled. Externally, your customers’ experience will be improved, helping to further enhance your business growth.

To find out more about how Document Automation can support your business in a successful Digital Transformation, contact us today.

Help! I Need to Do More with Less, but How?

Help! I Need to Do More with Less, but How?

Concierge Service Blog Post image scaled

This year has been shall we say, interesting. Every aspect of our lives feels like it’s been impacted and changed in ways we’re only just starting to realise.

Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, evolution has shown that change is normally a catalyst for good. Frequently painful, yes, but undeniably for the better in the long run. The trick being to still be alive and kicking when the dust settles!

As a business, we’re acutely aware of the level of change that’s going on and we spend much of our time looking to see how we can help our Clients alleviate their own challenges. These are typically the same fundamental hurdles – do more with less and be more agile than they have ever been before.

It won’t come as a surprise when I say that Document Automation can, if used wisely, genuinely help businesses of all sizes with addressing these challenges. You can make significant improvements with productivity – easily more than an 80% time saving – and the use cases for Document Automation are endless.

So, if Document Automation really can allow you to do more with less and support a shifting business focus, why isn’t everyone using it to its fullest potential?

It’s the chicken and egg situation. The same challenges can mean it’s difficult to free up the budget to adopt or further leverage Document Automation. However, it’s a situation that DocGovern and our Partners are trying to “crack” (apologies for the terrible Dad joke.)

Several of our Partners are offering discounts towards software costs. Some are even providing deferred invoicing so you can legitimately see the benefit and return on investment before you pay for the software itself.

We’ve also spent time thinking about how we can complement these commercial considerations. After speaking with several of our Clients, we created our Concierge Service.

The Concierge Service was designed to be as flexible and helpful as possible. It provides access to all our services at a low monthly cost, allowing our Clients to get access to what they need when it’s right for them – no protracted or restrictive contracts and engagements.

While we initially focused on our traditional services such as Template Development, Training, Deployments etc, we soon realised that there were several other “softer” ways we could leverage our knowledge and relationships to help our Clients. Under the new service, we’ve helped resolve support escalations, negotiated software renewals, and helped promote the use of Document Automation with some internal marketing.

We’re continuing to look at ways in which we can help meet these challenges, such as our SMB offerings or Template Subscription Services.

The best way we can help is by listening to our Clients. If you have any other challenges with Document Automation or think any of our existing services could assist your business, get in touch. We’re here to help.