DocGovern Launches New Document Automation Group on LinkedIn

DocGovern Launches New Document Automation Group on LinkedIn

The Document Automation Group

The Document Automation Group will be an opportunity for members to discuss and build their knowledge around the latest news, trends, and strategies in Document Automation.

An open forum and a chance to share best practice, connect with and learn from professionals across a wide range of industry sectors, who share the same goals and are interested in Document Automation and associated topics.

Gary Lessels, DocGovern’s Managing Director said-

“Since DocGovern’s launch we’ve had many great conversations with our Clients, prospects and technology partners. A comment that has consistently been raised is the desire for an “open” Document Automation forum, a platform for the discussion towards the solution rather than specific products.”

With a monthly newsletter and conference call with guest speakers, members will be able to learn, support and network by sharing their own experiences and ideas, asking questions, and having quality conversations to gain fresh perspectives.

Although the group has support from key Document Automation solution providers, it is moderated by the DocGovern team, who are not affiliated to any Document Automation vendors.

Gary adds-

“We’re approaching our role the same way in which we offer our services – objectively with no bias towards a specific solution or technology. We even built this approach into the Group rules – open, helpful discussions, but no direct solicitation or overt promotion.”

DocGovern welcome anyone who is directly associated with the Document Automation sector to join and hope that it becomes a forum where members can contribute and engage in quality discussions and knowledge sharing.


Join The Document Automation Group here