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You may have a specific use case, or you’re looking to fully embrace Document Automation. Our services can help.

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Bespoke Solution Selection & Design

Your investment in Document Automation should grow and adapt - just as your business does.
You know Document Automation will work for you but…

Your needs are quite specific, and you want to invest more time and money in having a fully formed Document Automation solution.

One that sits at the heart of your operations, and integrates with your other key business solutions. After all, data should flow and be used wisely.

Perhaps you work in a sector that has specific needs or high levels of compliance such as Legal, Finance, or Pharmaceuticals.

Either way, Document Automation will be a key investment for you, and you need to make sure you get it right first time.

You could utilise Requests for Information or create a specific Task Team but…

Requests for Information (RFI’s) don’t work. Sorry, but we both know its true. You either need to put significant effort into understanding the subject matter (so you don’t need an RFI), or trust a “friendly solution vendor” to help you write an objective RFI. Good luck with that.

You could put together a Team to investigate, but everyone is already busy. What tends to happen is that people reach out to Vendors, and find themselves with an, in-all-but-name, highly subjective RFI.

There is a better option…

We know Document Automation like the back of our hand. We know what is possible, what is not, and at what cost.

By marrying the “art of the possible” with your specific needs, we can provide something that’s incredibly valuable – objectivity.

We can significantly reduce the risk of making the wrong decision and wasting significant time, money, and energy. We let you focus on your business, while we focus on what we do best – making Document Automation work for you.

How we work with you…

We have a proven methodology that delights our Clients. It provides them with the best solution for their needs at a fraction of the time and cost it would take them using other “traditional” methods.

We listen. As simple as it sounds, it’s fundamental to our approach. We engage your business at multiple levels to fully understand how best you could utilise Document Automation.

Only when we fully understand your needs and use-cases, do we look to analyse the Document Automation solution market.

What we provide to you…

For our Solution Selection Service, you will receive a comprehensive document that details your specific needs, both now, and looking towards the future.

Our proposal then shortlists a small number of Document Automation solutions that meet those needs.

For each shortlisted solution, we demonstrate how they meet your objectives technically, commercially, and functionally. We also take into consideration the “cultural fit” between the Vendor and your organisation.

While we believe that ultimately the best person to decide what’s right for you is you, we’ll provide you with our final recommendation from the shortlisted solutions.

As part of our service, we negotiate the Vendor’s price. You receive the best solution, at the best price.

For our Clients who go through the Solution Selection, we can also provide our Design Service. The same attention to detail, but now focussed 100% towards how best to build and deploy the chosen solution.


DocGovern's "Hero Maker"

Better engage your Prospects & Clients with tailormade content - that really promotes your services and products.
Present your services and products without overwhelming...

Every Client and Prospect wants to feel they have specific, unique needs that demand a tailored approach.

While you have the Services or Products to address these, you run the risk of being incorrectly qualified out.

People want to do research in their own time, at their own pace – that’s why your website is critical. How you balance all your options with what’s relevant to each unique Client, is the challenge.

Perhaps the answer is more people, materials, or channels...

Unfortunately, these are usually impractical or just too expensive.

For live chat functions to be of benefit, you need real people behind them. It’s a challenge to train and scale, in order to provide cover 24/7/365?

You could create a library of sales materials that cover all your options, but will it really be beneficial, and again, is it practical? Even the best library will need to be generic to a degree – once it’s published it’s effectively dead.

Not doing anything continues to run the risk that you’re missing out on revenue which you didn’t even know existed.

Use Document Automation to empower your engagement...

Document Automation could provide your Prospects and Clients with a fully automated service which allows them to choose precisely what’s of interest to them.

Such a solution could present your target market with an impactful, personalised proposal, every time with no distraction or impact to your business.

How the DocGovern Hero Maker can help you…

Our Hero Maker Service is presented as a short, easy to use, interactive interview on your website.

The information your Prospect or Client provides, allows our solution to build an impactful, customised proposal. This presents your services and products and how they can address their specific needs. It removes the risk of being unfairly qualified out.

Make your Prospect or Client the hero of their organisation by empowering them to find the right solution, first time.

What the DocGovern Hero Maker provides…

This is a fully managed service. We take care of all the logistics and let you focus on your business. All for less than you’d spend on a small marketing event.

We work with you to gather product and service information, and build an understanding towards how you qualify your opportunities. This allows us to build you a bespoke solution that presents your business in the best possible way.

In turn, you are provided with an interview that’s embedded on your own website. It looks and feels like it belongs there, part of your company branding.

Your Prospects and Clients will see a unique, impactful tool that presents them with a highly customised proposal document.

Your Sales team will see an increase in engaged, qualified Prospects and Clients who want to invest more in your services and products.

Want to give it a try?

Our Hero Maker service can typically be deployed in just a week. When you consider it can be up and running so quickly, and be so affordable, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s too good to be true.

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to let you try one we made earlier!

Head over to our Document Automation Hub website to try a short, four question interview which will generate a personalised document that examines how Document Automation could help your business.

Even though it’s just four simple questions, you could in theory create over 4,000 permutations of this unique document!

Try it here and get in touch when you’d like to see what we could build for you.


Grow Your Business & Improve Engagement Using Document Automation