Why We Work With XpressDox

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Key Features We Like

  • Complete Flexibility – towards deployment and purchasing options.
  • Powerful Platform – elegant and easy to use, providing the perfect balance between flexibility and immediacy.
  • Full Feature Set – that many other solutions can’t come close to matching. As XpressDox use a single SDK (engine), you can be confident of never ‘hitting a wall’ when leveraging new features or upgrading.
  • Easy Integration – with almost any other business application.

XpressDox As A Company

  • The XpressDox platform can truly bring Document Automation to almost any vertical or use case.
  • Their fantastic approach to product support and development, with a high level of engagement with their Clients and Partners.
  • The platform never ceases to amaze us in its ability to offer functionality which other vendors have struggled with.
  • The XpressDox team continue to make the adoption of their solution as easy as possible, including migration tools for Clients who may already be using HotDocs Document Automation.

How DocGovern Can Help You Adopt XpressDox

  • We start with our ‘Baseline Analysis’ of your immediate and future business needs.
  • For Clients who may already be using HotDocs Document Automation, our in-depth knowledge of the solution can ensure any migration is pain-free with clear benefits.
  • We assess and compare the technical, commercial, and cultural fit between you and XpressDox.
  • We work closely with the XpressDox team to ensure any unique aspects of your business are addressed.
  • When, and only when, we can provide you with a water-tight use case for adoption, do we progress.
  • We present you with a comprehensive plan that includes:
    • Optimum commercial terms
    • Migration, if necessary
    • Solution design
    • Training & Enablement

Our work with you doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves in our relationships with our Clients and Solution Partners. Once you’re up and running with XpressDox, we’ll continue to work with you to ensure your objectives have been met, and you continue to maximise the benefits towards your business.

Let's Work Together

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